Our most popular hard spanking video EVER ... thanks to Steve's DAD ...

Hi there,

One of my customers emailed me recently to ask me what my favorite video was.

It's actually a question I get a lot.  "Jason - what's your best video?  If I'm gonna watch one of your videos, which one should I watch?"

It's a tricky question for me to answer because although I have my favorites, what I enjoy doesn't always match the most popular videos in terms of sales.

So, with it being near the end of another year, I decided to take a look at our most popular video ever, based on US$ sales.  And I'm happy to reveal that the most popular video we have ever made (so far) ... is ... 18 Year-Old Steve Crime and Punishment.

It was actually a lot closer than I thought with the likes of Ben, Matt and Adam and Brad coming in just behind with some, frankly, amazing performances.  But Steve is out there in front and for some good reason, I think.

Steve has a great ass and, thanks to his father, has considerable experience in taking punishment.  He g…

The Darkest Hour | This Is What You Need | Crime and Punishment | Time to Perform for You

The Darkest Hour

They say that the darkest hour is just before the dawn, but in this 5-part thrashing video, the dawn is slightly delayed by my enjoyment of bringing you some of the hardest, longest and most filthy CP action available anywhere.  Long-handled paddles, belts and martinets hammer down on bare asses to screams and shouts which verge on begging at points, but the action doesn't let up.  These two guys are pushed and pushed hard for you.  The only respite is in exchange for a nice, ball-bouncing blowjob before it's back to pounding their asses hard.  There are so many toys to play with that I wasn't sure if the dungeon series would be 5 parts or maybe 10.

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This Is What You Need

Chris is able to take a very very hard beating and he is one of the few guys that I train where my ability is tested.  That is, I have to bring my A-game in terms of accuracy, severity and stamina because his limit is very very …

Bouncing Butt | When One Door Closes | Smell the Fear | High and Mighty

Bouncing Butt

Searching for the very best asses to punish for you to enjoy takes time and chasing and Ash is no exception.  It took me ages to get him to present his bare ass for us.  Lots of texting, lots of missed appointments.  So, when we finally meet, I want to make sure that we get him stripped down, take a really good look at him, and then make those fantastic ass cheeks quiver and bounce for you when subjected to a variety of different punishments.  The best thing is that Ash has talked a lot about his kick-boxing and how tough he is, but I'm pretty sure that the punishment about to hammer down on his bare ass will make him think differently.  You're going to love seeing him taken down a peg or ten.  I can't wait to show you him dealing with it all.

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When One Door Closes

I was disappointed when Ash told me that he wouldn't perform again as a sub because the feedback from you was awesome.  I had looked forward to bringing you a series of harder a…

This Helps You Take It | No Turning Back Now | Spanked 4 Pay | Thrashed Raw by Hand

This Helps You Take It

I like to help guys get through their ordeal, or rather, I like to do whatever I can to bring you harder and harder punishment.  So, if I think that a guy is struggling, I usually offer him something to bite down on like a piece of rope or a sock.  It means that he can focus on that while I bring you the very hardest punishment that he can take.  Paul has a really ripped, defined body and I'm very proud of the way he works with me to take what I need him to take.  His smooth bubble butt is right where it needs to be ... and by the end of the session, I'm planning for him to have nearly bitten the rope in two.  Hold on tight, here it comes.

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No Turning Back Now

I don't often do pre-agreed sentences because those of you who have bought my films before, i like to beat an ass long and hard if it needs it and I don't like to be restricted to the sentence.  When I get into it, I like to keep going and I know that's what you enjoy to…

Dad Lays the Groundwork | Pushed Too Far? | Raising the Bar | Breaking Down a Soldier

Dad Lays the Groundwork

A very popular question is 'What is your best video?'  Well, it's difficult to say without knowing what you like to watch, but what I can say is that our most popular video ever features Steve who has his bubble butt spanked, paddled, belted and caned.  Luckily, Steve has a lot of experience in taking a spanking from his father and so it makes for an exciting performance as I find his limit and then keep him right on it.  Steve wows us with how he deals with everything we throw at him and at some points, he must have wondered if it was ever going to end.  I totally lost myself in the excitement of beating Steve's ass and I'm pretty sure you will too.  No wonder this title is our best-selling video ever.  You will love watching this youth getting some sense knocked into him.

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Pushed Too Far?

Whenever we ask our customers what they want to see, they overwhelmingly tell us that they want harder Corporal Punishment, more real scr…

Winter is Coming | Full Frontal Nerves | Caned to Your Climax | Defiant or Compliant?

Winter is Coming

I'm used to the sounds that Ben makes when he is dealing with my belt or my straps and so every now and then, it's fun to use a new implement - like these fresh cut switches.  I instructed Ben to go out to his local woods and choose a selection of fresh branches which he then pared and presented to me.  I like the idea of him gathering the very branches that will soon be challenging him in the punishment room.  I carefully select three firm but pliable switches and get going.  Ben is shocked by the pain as they slice down on his bare ass, making an awesome swishing sound.  They really are fun to beat ass with and judging by Ben's reactions, they sting like hell.  Listening to Ben scream louder than ever just makes chasing those cheeks around even more fun.  No escape.

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Full Frontal Nerves

Spanking straight guys for the first time is part of the job here at No Way Out.  What I notice is that the straight guys can get competitive.  John is go…

On the Cross | Dedication Is What You Need | No Escape | Soundproofing Tested

On the Cross

One of the things I enjoy about training Ben is that he fights back.  He tries to hold onto his dignity, because he doesn’t want to give me what I want, what you want, which is to hear him scream the place down.  Sessions like this one are like a battle between us where Ben is determined to hold onto a shred of his dignity and I am determined to remove it for your viewing pleasure.  Belting is the name of the game to start with - belting that is so intense that it literally strips the underwear off Ben’s restrained ass which is up and as proud as it can be given the circumstances.  What I really want to know as things intensify is where my favorite prison strap is – it is not in the usual place - and what follows is a battle of wills as I demand to know.  If I find it, things are gonna get serious.

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Dedication Is What You Need

Adam is quite a shy, proud straight guy, and so this video is difficult for him, due to its humiliating position.  As a result, it&…